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Alex Bay Boat Show

Race Boats

Dixie Baby 1-32 was hidden for 95 years before it was taken out of storage and restored. Originally built to ply the waters of the Mississippi River, the boat has been on a country-wide traveling tour since 2016.

The roundabout next to it, the Raveau Scairt Cat, was built on Long Island by noted boat builder Marcel Raveau. These types of boats were used to race up the Hudson River from New York City to Albany, New York.

Alex Bay Boat Show

Spendthrift II

As I studied the boat, Doug, Spendthrift II’s owner, invited me on board to have a look around.  Walking on board. there’s little to tell you the 46-foot Elco Flat Top Cruiser, built in 1929 in Bayonne, New Jersey for a judge and his wife, has sunk twice and was carried away by the Great Hurricane of 1938 and deposited on West Hampton’s Country Club’s 12th fairway. By this time, the boat was being docked on Long Island.

Alan Jackson's Flat Top

Wooden boat Aficionado, Country Music Star, Alan Jackson has become a supporter of the Antique Boat Museum in nearby Clayton, New York, over the years. He donated this classic 1955 29-foot hard-top Chris Craft to the museum a few years back and it made its way to Alex Bay’s boat show.

Jackson had bought the boat from the previous owner in 2002. He moved the boat from Chautauqua Lake, south of Buffalo, and took it down to Nashville, Tennessee, for extensive renovation work.

He named the boat “Flat Top”, after the type of steel strings guitars he commonly uses.

The love of wooden boats has been a part of Jackson’s makeup since he was a boy and served as the inspiration for his song “Drive (for Daddy Gene)“.

Over his lifetime, he has bought and restored an impressive collection of boats!

Alex Bay Boat Show
Alex Bay Boat Show

The Geraldine

Built by the United States Coast Guard in 1945, the Geraldine is a 26-foot motor whaleboat. It is believed to have last served as a tender boat moving lighthouse keepers, personnel, and supplies to a lighthouse on De Tour Island in St. Mary’s River on the Great Lakes.

Alex Bay Boat Show

Assorted Other Boats

Alex Bay Boat Show