Fremont East District

Getting to the Fremont East District from the hostels is easy. Just turn left on S. Las Vegas Blvd when you exit the hostels and walk until you get to the riding cowboy neon sign.

Riding Cowboy Neon Sign

Fremont East District starts on the right when you reach Fremont Street and the Fremont Street Experience starts on the left.

Fremont East also has a small town flavor much like the Arts District. You can walk tree-lined streets amid the hustle and bustle of partiers and visitors. There plenty of restaurants to stop in and grab a bit, including Evel Pizza named after the late Daredevil Evel Knieval. Stories abound of customers meeting his sons and other family members here. 

El Cortez Casino

The El Cortez was the first major resort casino in downtown Las Vegas. Built in 1941, it was later sold to a group of investors including Bugsy Siegel, Moe Sedway, Gus Greenbaum, and a representative for Meyer Lansky – all members of the mob who would run Vegas for many years. The resort has grown leaps and bounds since its inception and is a major player for visitors, gamers, and drinkers alike.

Container Park sign

Container Park is one of the crown jewels of the Fremont East District. It also marks the end of the district and it is strongly advised you don’t go past it. The seedy part of the street is still very active once you get past here. However, Container Park is like a mini-community with a live band stage, stores, restaurants, bars, and casual seating areas. This is a place definitely worth visiting. Now that the pandemic is slowing down, events are starting up at the park.