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NYS Firefighter's Memorial

Albany New York State Firefighter’s Memorial

The statue shows two firefighters carrying their comrade away from the Wall of Death behind them to safety. The firefighters are dressed in the type of turn-out gear my father wore when he was active in the 1960s and early 70s. The memorial sits among a small grove of Norway maple trees planted in a park-like setting as you enter the plaza from the north side by the State Capitol Building.

NYS Firefighters Memorial Wall of Death
NYS Firefighters Memorial Wall of Death

The memorial was dedicated in December, 1998 by then Governor George E. Pataki, who’s father was a 50-plus year member of the volunteer fire service. It was created by Robert Eccleston of Schuyler Falls, NY. 

The Wall of Death lists the names of all the firefighters, paid and volunteer, who gave their lives in service communities throughout New York State since 1811.

Statue of firefighters helping injured comrade

Because of the danger and the risk they face, firefighters must be willing, each time they go out, to make the supreme sacrifice. Their families must also be prepared, as much as one can be prepared, to never see them alive again. A memorial to commemorate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of such a vital service to our communities is the very least New York State can do.