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Pike Place Market

A long time had passed since I last visited Pike Place Market in the fall of 2021. I was living in Seattle during 1994-95 as I wandered the countryside looking for something to ease the pain of living at the time. Traveling always gave me the distractions I needed when my soul was disturbed and I was hurting. That’s why I ended up here in the beginning and it was nice to visit after my pain settled and I could look at things in a different light. I wasn’t disappointed.

Green Tortoise Hostel

When I got off the train around 11 p.m. on a drizzling night, I stepped outside the station and hailed a cab to take me to the Green Tortoise Hostel at First and Pike Streets across from the market.

The excitement of visiting the market the following day got me up and going early in the morning. After having a quick couple of cups of coffee and breakfast, I walked out the door and headed across the street.

Green Tortoise Hostel exterior
Pike Place Fish Market

Pike Place Fish Market

A must-stop for anyone visiting the market is Pike Place Fish Market located right across the street from the hostel. Part of the fun has to do with the fish in the center of the photo. It’s connected to a pole on the other side of the table and when people come to look at the offerings, an employee strategically situated at the back of the table will pull on the pole. This makes the fish jump as well as the surprised people standing too close.

Although I waited and tried, I couldn’t capture it on video when all this happens. It’s funny to watch, though.

Pike Place Fish Market
Pike Place Fish Market

Produce Galore!

If you’re looking for fresh produce, Pike Place Market is the place to go. There are fruit and vegetable stands all along the main concourse and out along Pike Place. 

There’s also a lot of friendly and helpful stand workers waiting to help, as evidenced by Dave at Sosie’s Market, who showed me how to cut up a mango in the video on the right.

Pike Place Restaurants


Looking for someplace to eat lunch? Currently, there are 40 luncheon spots to stop and have a bite to eat. Some places are also open for breakfast and dinner, depending on their location. You can get Greek, Mexican, Asian, Indian, and more.

There are also some good seafood dishes to be had while visiting!

Leather Goods and More

Non-food shops abound in the market. You can hop for leather goods, books, gifts, sculptures, bath and body, and much more.