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Thousand Island River Run Bike Rally

Since 2008, Alexandria Bay in Northern New York State has hosted the Thousand Island River Run Bike Rally. The open-to-the-public event is a weekend full of music, events, food, and partying. 

Main Stage

The large main stage is located near the Upper James St. Dock area and bands perform until 10 PM on Friday and Saturday and 6 PM on Sundays. After the stage closes down, the party moves indoors to any one of the numbers of bars in this quaint St. Lawrence River village.

During this weekend, the String of Pearls played on a Saturday afternoon after the FFOG band played the night before.

The music on the main stage typically starts before noon and then it’s a fest all day long. There aren’t any hostels up here,  but there are plenty of lodging options available for short and long-term stays. 

I’ve walked down a lot of paths and in each one respect is always earned.  Don’t matter if it’s on the streets or at a bike rally. But I like the message. 

Moving Inside

Once 10 PM hits, it’s time to head inside. The block squeezed in between Church and Market Streets in the village is home to four bars; three of which present rockin’ music some nights, blues the other, and open mic on others. 

Grab a beer and walk around the block. Just remember, the slower you walk the more you get to drink.

That is, as long as who ever you’re walking let’s you have a drink!


Around Town

I only stopped by for an afternoon on a gorgeous early summer day. Hundreds of motorcycles lined the streets and people were milling about everywhere.

Up on an area where the village’s pavilion was an area where you can grab a hamburger or hot dog at the American Legion tent or buy items at the various other tents.

But here’s a warning: You can’t buy beer in the food and trinket section. So, either supply yourself accordingly or expect to head back sooner than you might have planned.

Either way, no matter where you go, you’re going to find good people out having a nice time.